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Submission of any systematic investigation intended to produce new knowledge and/or approaches involving process or outcome variables. Submission of an abstract describing animal experimentation or involving the use of human subjects requires IRB approval number. Required headings: Background, Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
Presentation of scientific documentation of a single clinical observation to improve knowledge of the clinical manifestations, diagnostic approaches, or therapeutic alternatives for a rare or unusual clinical condition or disease. Required headings: Background, Case description, Discussion, Conclusion.

Submission of ongoing or completed projects, including educational programs, that demonstrate novel and innovative methods for examining and/or improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a program or policy. Required headings: Background, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion.

Presentation of methods to evaluate and improve professional practice performance using quality improvement methodology.  Required headings: Purpose/Objectives, Design/Methods, Results, and Conclusion/Discussion.


Oral presentations are 15-minutes (10 minute/presentation; 5 minute/discussion)
Are two hours in length and include general viewing and author attendance period

Abstracts will be grouped in the format of Panel Discussions on Social Pediatrics or abstracts and can be accepted for an oral or a poster presentation.

These sessions provide an opportunity to group and discuss relevant material related to Social Pediatrics. Sessions are led by an expert moderator and include 3-4 panelists in a 60-minute session.


Abstracts can be submitted under Theme 2024 on Social Pediatrics or in sub-specialties:

  • Interventions completed or in process on advancements in Pediatrics in Technology, Mental Health, Child Disparities, Nutrition, and Immunization Strategies.
  • General Pediatrics
  • Nutrition and Food Science
  • Adolescent Medicine.
  • Child Abuse Pediatrics
  • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery
  • Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine


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    • Authors are required to indicate their preference for either ORAL or POSTER presentation by checking the appropriate box on the submission web page. The WSP Free Communications Committee will make the final decision on the format of presentation (i.e. poster or oral). Few selected posters will be scheduled for short oral presentation.
    • Acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be based on rankings given by a peer review of experts in the associated topic/category. Results of the selection process will be sent via e-mail to the corresponding author. The Committee decision is final and cannot be appealed.
    • Abstracts cannot be identical to any abstract that has previously been presented at a major international meeting prior to the WSP2019. An update to prior work is acceptable.
    • Instructions on the preparation of posters and information regarding projection facilities will be included with the notification of acceptance.
    • Submission of an abstract indicates that:
      1. the author(s) agree to comply with the abstract submission and presentation rules,
      2. the presentation is based on scientific and/or clinical methods that are ethical and valid, and
      3. all authors have contributed to and approve the abstract and its entire contents.
    • All accepted abstracts will be published electronically on digital media (e.g. CD-ROM) as well as on the WSP 2024 website, and distributed to all delegates.
    • Accepted abstracts are official communications of the Congress. The presenting author agrees to register, attends the Congress, and presents the abstract as scheduled by the WSP. The presenting author MUST REGISTER FOR THE WSP BY March 2024 before the abstract can officially be accepted for inclusion in the final scientific program and official Program Book.
    • The evaluation and scoring of the abstract (acceptance as poster or as oral communication, or rejection) will be made according to a number of criteria, including:
      1. Scholarly and/or research validity
      2. Educational value
      3. Clarity of presentation
      4. Potential impact on global pediatrician

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR ABSTRACT PREPARATION (Refer to the Abstract sample for specific guidance on formatting)

    • Abstracts must be written and presented in English. Abstracts that are not written in understandable English will be rejected and/or returned to the author(s) for revision.
    • Title: Use a concise descriptive title that indicates the content of the abstract. The complete title should be CAPITALIZED and in bold. Please minimize the use of abbreviations in the title. Commercial trade names for drugs, devices, products, and services may NOT be used in the title
    • Authors: Names and surnames for each author must be provided. Do not include degrees or titles. Presenting authors’ names should be underlined.
    • Affiliations: Each author should be listed by department, institution, city, and country.
    • Keyword(s): A minimum of one (1), and a maximum of three (3) keywords reflecting the contents of the abstract should be provided.
    • Abstracts should not exceed 400 WORDS (2600 characters excluding spaces). The submission program will automatically calculate the size of your abstract and will not allow submissions that do not fit in the size requirements. Symbols including superscripts and subscripts can be entered in the online system.
      The body of the abstract text must be formatted with the following sub-headings as appropriate. Each sub-heading should be formatted in bold text, begin on a new line, and followed by a colon and space. The text for each sub-section should begin immediately after the colon and space (see sample abstract below). For clinical or investigative studies:
      • Introduction
      • Objective
      • Materials and Methods
      • Results
      • Conclusions

      For case reports or case series:

      • Background
      • Observation
      • Key message

      It is NOT satisfactory to simply state that “The results will be discussed.” Only common and standard abbreviations may be used without definition.


      Check spelling and grammar carefully. Direct reproduction from your electronically submitted abstract text means that any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will be reproduced as submitted. Drugs, devices, products, and services should be identified by generic name only within the abstract. The use of commercial drug names, brands and registered trademarks are strictly prohibited. No mention of pharmaceutical company names should be included in the abstract. Data must be given in units (International metric system is preferred) that are generally accepted in scientific publications.


      The WSP will schedule a special Forum during the Congress to feature extended oral presentations by pediatrician residents and fellows on basic or clinical research. Individuals will be chosen for this Forum based on the scientific quality and impact of their work as judged by the WSP Free Communications Committee. When submitting your abstract online, select the applicable box if you are a Resident or Fellow and you wish to be considered for this Forum. You may also wish to consider applying for a WSP 2024 Scholarship if you are submitting your abstract for this session.


    • Online Submission will be available on the Congress website. Please follow the instructions detailed on the website. Your abstract submission will be acknowledged automatically by email, but this confirmation does not constitute official acceptance for presentation.
    • Statement of Responsibility
      • All co-authors must agree with the submitted results and conclusions, and consent to being listed as authors.
      • The abstract must not have been submitted in identical format to any other international meeting.
      • Work involving humans or animals, or material derived from them must have been approved by an institutional ethics committee.
      • All authors must complete a Disclosure of Conflicting Relationships declaration form.
    • Modifications to the abstract may be made before the online abstract submission system is closed after 30 April 2024 the abstract has already been accepted by the WSP Free Communications Committee.
    • Authors who wish to withdraw their abstract must send a written request to: info@wspcongress.org.


      Scholarships will be provided by the WSP 2024 to assist participants from around the world to present their work at the WSP. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit and relative financial need as judged by the WSP 2024 Scholarship and Awards Committee. Please refer to the Scholarship and Awards section of the website for the adjudication criteria. Awards will also be provided to outstanding oral and poster presentations.

      For more information please contact:
      WSP 2024 Secretariat: Leukasia Eventi
      mail: eventi@leukasia.it

    MADRID, 03 – 06 OCTUBER 2024

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