Instructions for Abstracts

  • Language: English
  • Time: Allow 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers. If a presentation is longer than 10 minutes, the session chairs will shorten the time for questions and answers. During this presentation, you should review the background/objectives of your study, methods, results, and conclusions, as well as any other information of interest (e.g., future direction of research).
  • Title Slide: All presenters are encouraged to use the name of the presentation, the authors’ names, institution, and country of origin.
  • Content slides: Ideally, use up to 10 content slides, allowing 1 minute per slide. You may use more than 10 slides, but be sure to complete your presentation within the allotted 10 minutes.
  • Slide presentation: In early September, you will receive instructions on how to upload your presentation to the WSP presentation management portal. You may also bring your slides on a portable drive to be uploaded to the presentation computer. All presenters are encouraged to ensure that your abstract is available at least 2 hours prior to your presentation.
For more information please contact:
WSP 2024 Secretariat: Leukasia Eventi
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